• Q1. What is Global Investments offering?

A1. Global Investments allows customers to invest and trade in multiple global stock markets via single access platform powered by SAXO Bank

  • Q2. Who can invest through LRS (RBI’s Liberalized Remittance Scheme) ?

A2. Indian Resident - Individual can invest through Under the LRS (RBI’s Liberalized Remittance Scheme)

  • Q3. How do I open Global Investments Account?

A3. Account Opening is absolutely paperless and fully digital.
You need to follow the below path:
Visit www.yesinvest.in --> Global Investments  --> Select type of account you want to open and follow the instructions.
Fill up details, once you complete the KYC process and uploaded the necessary documents (Photo ID proof, Address proof etc.) you will receive an email communications immediately and takes approximately 1 to 2 business days to open your account post confirmation of your provided details

  • Q4. Do I need to compulsory have an account with yesinvest.in?

A4. No

  • Q5. Is there any Account Opening Fee?

A5. No. Currently there is no charges associated with account opening

  • Q6. How do I login as a first time user?

A6. You need to generate the password during first time login. OTP of the same will be sent to your registered mobile number

  • Q7. How do I fund my account?

A7. You must wire (remit) to SAXO Bank's account to fund your account. In order to do this, you must fill LRS form (it’s called the A2 form) and submit it to your bank. Application cum Form A2 for LRS

  • Q8. Can I transfer funds from foreign dominated account?

A8. Yes. You can transfer funds from any bank account in the world as far as it is in your name. Third party transfers are allowed

  • Q9. As an NRI how do I fund my account?

A9.Currently there are 2 ways in which you can add funds:

1. Transfer from your bank account in India

2. Wire transfer funds from your non-Indian bank account

  • Q10. I have submitted LRS (A2) form in the bank. What happens next?

A10. Once you have submitted the A2 form and declaration (LRS) form in the bank, the amount will be credited to your SAXO account in approximately 1-3 business days. Once the amount is credited in SAXO account, you can start investing

  • Q11. How do I withdraw money from my account?

A11.You can withdraw money from your account at any time. All you have to do is to initiate the withdrawal process from the ‘Withdrawal’ tab on the platform. The money will be wired directly to your bank account in India. It may take 3-5 business days for the wire to come through.

  • Q12. How is my investment secured in Global Investments?

A12. Saxo Bank is a member of the Danish Guarantee Fund. In the event that a Danish bank (including Saxo Bank) should suspend its payments or go into bankruptcy, client deposits are guaranteed by the Fund with up to EUR 100,000 for cash deposits. Cash deposits are calculated as the net free deposit after deduction of any debt to the bank. In the event that a Danish bank (including Saxo Bank) is unable to return securities held in safe-custody, administered or managed, the Guarantee Fund will cover with up to EUR 20,000 per client

Please note: Remitting bank may charge a fee for the transfer.